Community Calendars - Guardian Angel, GRIA


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  2. PRAISE IN PINK For Breast Cancer Awareness - October 27, 2018 2PM
    Greater Faith Baptist Church 3000 Huntingdon Ave, 21211
    $20 / under 12yo $10
    Fashion show, music and praise dance, speakers, gifts, vendors and an amazing dinner.
    Donations can be check payable to Greater Faith Baptist Church

  3. About a hundred and fifty AD, a person named Hermas wrote one in all the earliest Christian bestsellers, Shepherd of Hermas. In it, Hermas wrote of his personal angel-shepherd World Health Organization acted as his angel and helped him on a usual. Moving forward nearly one,900 years, Pope Roman Catholic Pope aforesaid that he prayed to his angel each morning and evening. once he had to talk to somebody World Health Organization was opposition him, he asked his angel to speak with the opposite person's angel 1st, to eliminate any potential issues. If you read more details please visit below this site. Guardian Angels