Saturday, November 4, 2017

November 2017 Newsletter


  1. does this change include the 2500 block of Howard? I have been saying for years that we socio-economically belong in "remington" due to house size & cost, and I support GRIA but it is kind of weird and off-putting that we weren't notified if this includes us... it's only 5 residences so it wouldn't have been that hard to do.

  2. Hi Kara, it does include the 2500 block. But don't worry, you weren't left off. GRIA didn't flyer about it, just posted on social media and via the email blast. But you'll notice it very soon, as you should start getting the Newsletter print edition. I'll mention the idea of flyering the new blocks to GRIA's board though, that would be a good thought.

  3. Yes, social media is a bad way to inform people that they are being annexed into your territory since they wouldn't be likely to be following your social media.
    I'm not worried about being left off. I am worried about having yet another organization who makes decisions on our blocks' behalf without duly informing us, when we already have several. We're expected to keep tabs on like five different neighborhood organizations on social media when a few of the residents don't even have computers.

  4. The expansion was my idea, so while I can't speak for GRIA because I'm not on the board anymore, I can say that the intention was to give folks on those blocks more of a voice if they want one.

    We didn't think of it at all as annexing. We had a lot of folks from those houses getting involved with GRIA because, as you mention, they already felt part of Remington in terms of architecture, demographics, and social behavior. And we were already being asked for input about that part of the neighborhood by government, development, and land-owner entities.

    But I agree, social media isn't a great medium for community-building. I hope the boundary move will make more people on the new blocks feel invited to come to GRIA meetings and get involved in person. I think you'll find them to be eager to hear what you have to say about upcoming decisions.

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