Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Street Sweepers Visit Remington Twice a Month. You Should Move Your Car.

This is a sweeper truck, and it wants to clean your streets.

Street sweeping is an essential public works activity. It not only plays an important role in keeping Baltimore neighborhoods clean, but also assists in preventing trash from blocking storm drains and causing flooding during heavy rains. Regular sweeping prevents tons of trash, grime, and other pollutants and hazardous waste products from entering storm drains, the Inner Harbor and eventually the Chesapeake Bay. Sweeping the city streets also ensures safe modes of transportation. Parked cars prevent a clean sweep, so to assist the city in its efforts, citizens are asked to remove their vehicles from their streets so that street sweeping services can provide more effective sweeping. Remington is in the Northwest Quadrant, which is swept on the first (odd sides) and second (even sides) Wednesday of every month. Reminders are on the DPW calendar. The quadrant sweeping requires voluntary compliance with the Wednesday sweeping.