Saturday, June 10, 2017

GRIA Elects New President, Molly McCullagh

In April, GRIA’s membership voted in a new slate of board members and officers. Miles Avenue resident Molly McCullagh was elected GRIA president. She has been the community association’s vice president for the past year.

Tell us a little about yourself.
This time of year, most mornings you might see me wandering to check on the flowers and veggies I’ve planted in garden plots and tree pits around the neighborhood. I’ve been a
Remington resident since 2012, when I moved to Baltimore after finishing my master’s degrees in urban planning and food policy. I was introduced to neighborhood politics when I got involved with the corner store commercial rezoning and was recruited to join GRIA one day when I was out picking up trash with kids from my block.

Over the past two years almost all of my free time has been spent renovating my house, room by room. I’m super thankful for my neighbors, who have lent me tools, taught me how to skim-coat plaster, and let me use their showers.

What's your favorite thing about Remington?
I’ve lived in many places, but never felt rooted the way I do in Remington. This neighborhood truly feels like a community—in all of the best, and sometimes most complicated, ways.

What are your top priorities for GRIA?
GRIA has an active board, so my role is to direct their energy towards the goals of the Neighborhood Master Plan and GRIA’s three-year strategic plan. I’m personally dedicated to GRIA’s goal of maintaining Remington as an economically and culturally diverse neighborhood. I’ll be working closely with the Housing Workgroup to address housing

Why did you decide to run for GRIA president?
Is “I was volun-told” an acceptable answer?