Saturday, June 17, 2017

A Short Reunion

Actor Paul Diem leads a crowd down Howard Street in The Therapist, one of 10 short plays recently staged in Remington.
By Ben Kleymeyer, season 10 fellow

Hi! I’m Ben, one of the Tour Guides from Single Carrot Theatre’s A Short Reunion.

You may have seen me in a bright orange shirt with a cartoon sign leading groups of people around in the last two weekends of April. Here’s what that was all about. From April 20th–30th, Single Carrot Theatre (SCT), based at 2600 N Howard Street, brought 10 new short plays to locations around the neighborhood. To create a wholly original theatrical experience, to showcase how much we love Remington, and show people how walkable it is, we took patrons into local business, homes, and community centers.

Locations included Charmington’s, Sweet 27, Brick & Board, Church of the Guardian Angel, Ryan Flanigan’s house, Old Market Barbers, Miller’s Court, Parts & Labor, Young Audiences of Maryland, B. Willow, and Allovue.

One of the plays, Ben Hoover’s Walking and Talking, took place all around the neighborhood. This piece was what you witnessed, as it consisted of “Tour Guides” leading the groups from location to location. They told stories—both real and fabricated—about SCT and Remington to keep the audience engaged throughout their journey and more than a mile of walking over the course of the performance.

We Guides embodied the charisma of Willy Wonka with stories, which evoked a childhood playfulness, culminating in a parade up Howard from Brick & Board to the theatre. This parade encouraged the audience to let their inner child loose, jump around, and sing along with their Tour Guide.

We had a great time exploring our neighborhood, sharing our favorite stories and places with our audience, and meeting people around Remington. It was a meaningful experience for us to bring our work right to the figurative—and sometimes literal—doorsteps of our neighbors.

Thank you, Remington, and all of our local partners for allowing us to bring this crazy show to town. We hope Single Carrot Theatre and Remington can continue working and playing together in the future.

Next up in our season is Promenade: Baltimore, a collaboration with Hungarian theatre company STEREO Akt. The show will bring audiences aboard a bus that traverses the city, passing through neighborhoods familiar and unknown. Audiences watch through the windows as actors on the street present poetic expressions of everyday life in Baltimore, complimented by a live-mixed soundscape of music, narration, and the stories of neighborhood residents. As the scenes outside weave together, mystery seeps into what seemed simple, the foreign becomes familiar, and every corner of the city teems with potential for the unexpected.

Promenade: Baltimore will run June 2–June 25, Thursdays & Fridays at 6:30pm; Saturdays & Sundays at 2:00pm & 6:30pm. For more information, go to,
e-mail, or call 443-844-9253. Community and Rush Tickets are available.

Kleymeyer in Brick & Board as part of The Therapist.