Sunday, December 18, 2016

Wyman Park Playground at 30th & Miles Funded and Moving Forward in 2017

By Rose Weeks, playground committee leader
Remington is getting a revitalized new playground and green space at 30th Street and Miles Avenue. This is the largest playground in our neighborhood and one of the most heavily-used on city Recreation & Parks property.
A group of neighbors, in collaboration with GRIA, decided to strengthen this neighborhood asset. Based on a survey of more than 60 neighbors and approximately 100 students, consultations with other users, and feedback at two community forums with approximately 40 total people in attendance, we developed several objectives for the renovation:
Provide safe play space for kids 25.
Strengthen a neighborhood meeting place for a range of residents including older children and teenagers, dog walkers, and other park users, for example, by adding seating.
Provide recreational opportunities for teenagers and adults.
Enhance green space immediately surrounding the park to reinforce the recreational opportunities.
This summer, we learned that our funding requests were accepted. The playground is slated for renovation starting as early as fall 2017.

The drawing above shows the design of the new playground and surrounding green space. Key elements include:
New benches, some under a large tree and some by the 30th street entrance.
New trees and plantings by the church.
Nature play area with logs and boulders.
Ground mural.
Picnic tables under a large tree by 30th street.
Dome climber suitable for toddlers and older kids.
Spin cup & play mounds.
Ping pong table. 
New fencing between the playground and 31st street.
Most current play structures stay on—the beloved red playground set is getting a face-lift! Sarah Hope, the project manager with the city, said she would address the graffiti using the following approach.
“My plan is to use a chemical remover and then pressure wash. Afterward, all the poles will get painted with a clear coat of anti-graffiti paint that should restore the faded color. I can’t guarantee it will be perfect, but it should help significantly. I typically don’t use anything harsh to remove graffiti because it’s bad for the rubber, and the kids!”
Thank you to our supporters!
We are grateful to our funders, including Abell Foundation, France-Merrick Foundation, Kaboom! (special thanks to GRIA board member Blaine Carvalho), and the HCPI Spruce-Up Competition, a gift made possible by JHU and the Baltimore Regional Neighborhoods Initiative of Maryland’s Department of Housing and Community Development.
These contributions are joined with gifts from local businesses including R.W. Fewster Painting on Fox Street, Allen N. Walpert & Son on Hampden Avenue, Anderson Automotive Group on 25th street, and Seawall Development, who led our fundraising drive with local businesses. We thank you all so much!
To individuals or businesses that haven’t given so far, we can still include you in our marketing and signage with the supporters mentioned above! Contact to contribute to the effort.
Maintaining our beautiful new space
We are working with users such as the GreenMount School to establish an enhanced year-round maintenance plan, especially during the long days of summer when outdoor spaces are so important to our children (and our canine friends, too!). If you have suggestions for how we can keep the playground litter-free, or if you have any other ideas for the playground project, please write to Rose Weeks