Monday, October 10, 2016

Mary Pat Clarke, Democrat for City Council District 14

Candidates of all parties want your vote on Nov. 8th. The Remington Community Newsletter invited all of the candidates for City Council district 14 and 12 and for Mayor to submit a short statement on the question, "Why should Remington residents vote for you?"

Thier answers will be posted individually as they are ready, and will be collected here.

Mary Pat Clarke, Democrat for City Council District 14

Remington is one of the most active and involved neighborhoods in Baltimore City. It is challenging and exciting to represent such a well-informed and caring constituency. The 14th City Council District represents Remington’s northeastern area, north of West 28th Street and east of Huntingdon Avenue. But both council districts have traditionally worked closely together as one.

I ask and hope that residents will support me for re-election in November’s General Election.

I pledge to work closely, as I have with Councilman Carl Stokes, with the new City Council representative to be elected to Remington’s 12th District. The community deserves such cooperation.

I am a Democrat, a teacher by profession, the mother of 4 and “Bubby” of 10, married to Joe Clarke. Our family has lived on Cloverhill Road (off of West 39th Street) since 1967. I serve as a fulltime City Council member and, if elected, will continue to do so. It’s a 24/7 task and honor.

Remington is unique in many positive ways. Thanks to an influx of newer and younger residents, the neighborhood’s population has increased, a sign of vitality and promise. At the same time, despite debates over specific issues, Remington does work as a whole to maintain housing affordability and quality of life for both recent and longtime residents.

It is crucial to maintain that balance to protect the very residents who have maintained the neighborhood through so many generations. May Remington continue to honor its diversity and serve as the model of inclusion it has already become to other Baltimore neighborhoods.

Thanks for your consideration. Mary Pat