Saturday, October 8, 2016

Ian Schlackman - Green Party candidate for City Council, District 12

Ian Schlackman - Green Party candidate for City Council, District 12

Remington, you have a very important choice. Do you want to elect a strong progressive like Mary Pat Clarke who has a long history of engaging with the community, organizing changes to local zoning issues, and helping other people because that’s their personality? If so I’m your choice on November 8th.

I believe it’s time to get someone in office who will follow through on the bills they pledged to support. I am a firm yes for a $15 an hour minimum wage. I am a firm no for large corporate giveaways such as Port Covington. We to need to focus on providing tax relief to local small businesses and homeowners in the community because trickle-down economics simply doesn’t work.

If you agree with this sentiment, I want your vote. And more than that, I want your involvement in my campaign. We are a grassroots movement that depends on your support.

So far in the general election, we’ve raised more money than all of our opponents combined. We’ve knocked thousands more doors than any other candidate. My staff and I have worked on other winning city council campaigns in Baltimore so we know exactly what it takes. As a Green Party campaign, we did the unthinkable and got the Sierra Club endorsement because they know we’re winning this race and they want to see solid progressive leadership in Baltimore City Council.

On November 8th, let’s come together as a community to vote for real change and strong leadership for Remington. Help me defeat Robert Stokes so I can help you for the next four years. is my website. Call or text my cell anytime: (410) 996-4848.