Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Frank Richardson, independent candidate for City Council District 12

Candidates of all parties want your vote on Nov. 8th. The Remington Community Newsletter invited all of the candidates for City Council district 14 and 12 and for Mayor to submit a short statement on the question, "Why should Remington residents vote for you?"

Thier answers will be posted individually as they are ready, and will be collected here.

Frank Richardson, independent candidate for City Council District 12

My name is Frank Richardson, and I am a native Baltimorean and longtime resident of Charles Village.  My community involvement, education, professional experience, and love for Remington and the entire city of Baltimore qualify me to serve as your 12th district City Councilman on the Baltimore City Council.

My deep concern and love for the people of the Remington and the rest of the 12th District, my background as community activists working with organizations such as B.U.I.L.D., CVCBD, the Justice & Peace Committee, and the NAACP has prepared me to represent the 12th District as a catalyst for change! By working with diverse groups, organizations, neighborhood associations, and businesses, I have learned to solve complex problems and understand both sides of an issue.

I will work with citizens, community leaders, neighbors, and businesses to revitalize blighted neighborhoods throughout the city and work to expand the Vacants to Value and Live Near Your Work programs and bring back the Dollar House program.  I will continue to support United Workers’s “Housing for All” initiative (Question J) to secure a $40 million Community Land Trust which will increase homeownership and affordable housing in Remington and throughout the city.  I will also partner with Governor Hogan to develop new businesses in the neighborhood, create more green space, and demolish dilapidated properties.  I appreciate the diverse and multicultural community and microcosm of society we're so blessed to have here in Remington. Moreover, I will work to build consensus and mediate disputes between community associations and other stakeholders and bring people together for the common good of the entire community. I leave you with my favorite biblical quote, "Let the leader among you be a servant to all."