Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Dan Sparaco - unaffiliated candidate for City Council, District 12

Candidates of all parties want your vote on Nov. 8th. The Remington Community Newsletter invited all of the candidates for City Council district 14 and 12 and for Mayor to submit a short statement on the question, "Why should Remington residents vote for you?"

Thier answers will be posted individually as they are ready, and will be collected here.

Dan Sparaco - unaffiliated candidate for City Council, District 12

In mid-September, I was at the groundbreaking of a new Food Hub along Gay Street in the heart of the East Side. It is a project that matches the excitement and dynamism of the good things happening right here in Remington, and it will repurpose beautiful old industrial spaces to create jobs and new businesses and grow food. If I thought for one second that our Democratic nominee had anything to do with making projects like this happen, I would not be running. If there was a better alternative in November, friends and I would not have gathered 430 signatures get me on the ballot. So many of us are hungry for a choice and a change. Families committed to the city, but worried about schools. Small developers with a vision to rebuild neighborhoods, but stymied by bureaucracy. Creative professionals who want a vibrant, livable city, but who don’t want us to become another over-expensive D.C. And of course, all those who have lived here their entire lives hoping that the place they grew up can turn the corner to stability. All of these folks have been routinely let down by their government, and their leaders. I saw first-hand how City Hall works, and how it doesn’t, first as an attorney with the Law Department, and then working for the Mayor until last year, when I left because we were so clearly headed in the wrong direction. As a civil rights attorney who spent years helping working families keep their homes, who defended victims of police misconduct, and who took what he learned as a lawyer in the private sector to do battle on behalf of the city, I know we can do better. As a long-time Democrat, I petitioned to get on the ballot as an unaffiliated candidate so together, we can prove it.

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