Monday, May 23, 2016

Parking Study for Lower Remington

By Jed Weeks, GRIA board member

Parking issues have long existed in Lower Remington, where hard-working industry shares streets with houses on almost every block and where many homeowners own more than one vehicle, each of which is wider than the typical rowhome. The recent additions of Clavel (a restaurant) and WC Harlan (a bar) to Lower Remington are welcomed by GRIA, but we also understand that they may bring further parking challenges to the neighborhood.

As a result of these concerns, GRIA, in partnership with the owners of Clavel and WC Harlan, has asked the Department of Transportation and the Parking Authority of Baltimore City to investigate increasing parking on Huntingdon Avenue south of 23rd Street by either installing reverse-angle parking or allowing parking on the west side of Huntingdon. GRIA has also asked for an audit of signage and meters on 23rd and Sisson Streets to see if there are additional spaces that could be used by residents.

If you are interested in participating in these discussions, please attend the GRIA Land Use & Zoning meetings the first Tuesday of every month at 2604 Sisson St. (the Price Modern showroom and office) or the GRIA meeting the third Wednesday of every month at Kromer Hall.