Monday, March 14, 2016

GRIA Funds Newsletter Printer Purchase

An editorial by Craig Bettenhausen

The February/March issue of the Remington Community Newsletter is the first one printed on our very own printer. Let me explain why this is a big deal.

For years, this Newsletter was financed largely by the generous support of a handful of local nonprofits. Greater Homewood and the Episcopal Housing Corporation in particular gave, at various times, money to pay for printing and staff time to write, edit, and distribute the newsletter.

In the current incarnation of the newsletter, we don’t rely on any such subsidy. The printing costs are covered by the advertising you see (quality local businesses that you should totally visit and say that the Remington Community Newsletter sent you). The ads cost $40 per month, which is still a pretty good deal for the advertisers; we print 1,500 copies of each issue and hand-deliver them to the homes and businesses of Remington, and most of you open and read it when it comes (thanks!).

We have been printing at Uptown Press, a Remington business located on W. 23rd street. They have been a fantastic partner and if you need something printed, you should go to them without hesitation. Not just paper, they also print signs, faux stained glass, you name it. Seriously, they’re cool.

In December, the board Greater Remington Improvement Association voted to fund the bulk of the purchase price of the Newsletter’s new machine. The remainder came from donations by community members and from ad revenue. The Newsletter remains, however, editorially independent from GRIA. This is not the GRIA Newsletter. We welcome participation from anyone in the community, and the content you read here is not subject to the approval of GRIA or its board.

That said, we really appreciate GRIA’s partnership; thanks for buying us a printer! We’d also like to thank the Colligan family, Aaron Helmbrecht, Kim Bryson, Tony Wiebking and Kelly Lennox, Vaughn Vigil, and Bryan Taylor for their contributions.

We will continue to have ads because paper and ink still cost money. If you would like to advertise with us, shoot me an email at

The mission of this newsletter is to build community by providing Remington with a reliable, trustworthy, common source of information. If you’d like to get involved, we’d love to have your help. We need folks to write articles, snap photos, draw cartoons, help with editing, and distribute the print edition.