Thursday, March 17, 2016

City Council Poll - 12th District Open Seat

*this post has been updated to include social media following and to note the addition of location tracking to the poll.

On April 26, Baltimore will hold primary elections to select party nominees for various city, state, and national offices. Among them is the open 12th District city council seat being vacated by Carl Stokes (no relation to the candidate below of the same last name).

Who do you support? Please only vote once, and only vote if you are a registered voter in the 12th district. If you are currently represented by Carl Stokes, you're in the 12th. If you are currently represented by Mary Pat Clarke, you are not. For more information about this election, please visit the full story at

Note: Below is an unscientific, informal poll. There is no mechanism to confirm voter identification, nor to reach voters who do not use the internet, and any results should be taken with a grain of salt. Location tracking was added on March 21; 141 responses were already entered before that time.

Another measure of support is social media following. On Facebook, the Kelly Cross for Baltimore page, as of March 21, has 714 "likes." The Committee to Elect Ertha Harris has 227. "Baltimore Jason Pyeron" has 54. Ian Schlakman's page (Green party) has 297. The Newsletter was unable to find campaign Facebook pages for the other candidates, though Robert W. Stokes Sr. does have a personal page with campaign material.