Saturday, March 5, 2016

Business Showcase: Trinket’s Costume and Sundry

By Whitney Treseder

Trinket’s Costume and Sundry is a vintage boutique in Remington that you may not have heard of! Lisa Oberg sells beautiful clothing mostly through her Facebook account, but she is also open by appointment and for seasonal open houses. She says “I’m a borderline hoarder so I decided to turn it around. I find all this cool stuff and want to recycle it. I mostly choose natural fibers and tactile materials because if I don’t want to wear it, I don’t want to have it in my shop.”

Many of her customers enjoy cosplay such as the Renaissance Faire and the Faerie Faire. Oberg also rents clothing for photo shoots and stage productions. Trinket’s style is Old World and elegant—she has vintage pieces and also many from other countries; she finds that the qualities she wants are hard to find in general American retail. “I find everything in thrift stores. Baltimore and DC have a great cultural mix, like a stained glass window.” At the moment there are Afghani, Indian, and Tibetan clothes in her shop.

Oberg grew up in Staunton, Virginia, and received a BS in Fine Art from James Madison University with a focus in screen printing. After college, she worked as an actor, both in film and on stage. She often needed costumes but couldn’t sew, so she started creating her own look from her thrift shopping. People would ask about her outfits, and gradually she started selling them. In 2013, she moved her shop into the parish house at Guardian Angel. Oberg also works at Faerie Magazine ( and is starting a folk music band.

Oberg lived in Remington from 2006 until 2014, when her rental apartment needed renovation and a friend in Hamilton wanted a housemate. She misses living in Remington, where she enjoys the local restaurants and loved being able to go to work even during snowstorms.

Trinket’s Costume and Sundry accepts PayPal and works primarily through mail-order, but you can also contact Oberg at and get an appointment to see the shop in person.

In addition, she is having an open house on March 12 at 6pm during the Baltimore Faerie Faire St Patrick’s Day Party. Come support a fun group and buy some beautiful clothing!