Tuesday, February 9, 2016

City, State, and Federal Election Primaries Coming April 26

The deadline to file for citywide elections passed on Feb. 3, so we now know who’s running for what. Candidates who are already in office often drop out just before the filing deadline if their campaign isn’t going well so that they don’t have to vacate the job they already have.

Carl Stokes, who currently represents Remington as City Council representative for district 12, is running for mayor, so that seat is vacant. Mary Pat Clarke is running for reelection to the district 14 seat. Remington is split between district 12 and 14.

To find out where you should go to vote, visit http://cityview.baltimorecity.gov/electionPollingPlace or call (410) 269-2840.

Candidates for District 12
Cross, Kelly (D)
Harris, Ertha (D)
Pyeron, Jason (D)
Stick, Gordon (D)
Stokes, Robert Sr. (D)
Richardson, Frank W. (R)
Schlakman, Ian (Green)

Candidates for District 14
Carter, David E. (D)
Clarke, Mary Pat (D)
Williams, Terrell R. (D)
Hamilton, Tia
Harding, David

Longtime US Senator Barbara Mikulski is retiring after 29 years, and her seat is up for grabs. Voters will also elect a member of the US House of Representatives, the President of the City Council, and several other city and state offices.

A full list of registered candidates for all parties and races can be found at the Maryland state board of elections website, http://goo.gl/J2q1tn.

The primary election is April 26. This is the one to pay attention to because the democratic nominee almost always wins these districts and the mayoral race. The general election is Nov. 8. Voter registration deadlines are April 5 for the primary and Oct. 18 for the general election. Only registered democrats can vote in the democratic primary.