Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Blacksauce Kitchen To Move Into Former Sterling's Location

Biscuit specialist Blacksauce Kitchen will move into the W. 29th Street storefront where Sterling's Seafood used to be. The restaurant, which currently operates at farmer's markets, events, and as a catering business, is centered around handmade biscuits and other foodstuffs made with said biscuits. Damian Mosley and Vesnier Lugo started Blacksauce Kitchen in 2010 and can be found at the Waverly Famer's Market 7am to 12pm, year-round.

The duo says of their offerings, "Our biscuits aren’t particularly newfangled. Yes, we do make apricot biscuits in summer and chipotle bacon biscuits during the winter. But at the core, they’re not so different from all homemade biscuits. We think ours are delicious because we take technique and ingredients so seriously."