Thursday, October 8, 2015

Huntingdon is ON! Urgent 911 call for Hauntingdon Help!!!!

by William Hellmann

Hello everyone!!!
Ryan had been so dutifully kind as to give me the go ahead to take point on the Hauntingdon Prepartions!!!! (Mwa ha ha, *More evil laughing*)

So anyway, now we have to hit the ground running since we have a little less than a month left, I would like to Schedule an emergency meeting as soon as I can possible gather a good amount of you and preferably tonight, tomorrow or Friday but as soon as we possibly can anyway. (I know some of you have stuff to do like taking care of kids and stuff so I understand if this short notice isn't doing it for you.) 

Anyway some immediate topics we need to discuss are as follows:

- Permits, do we get one or not?

- If we get the permit how do we Utilize the Space? (maybe dancing, costume parade, talent show. Think cost effective or free!!)

- Dates to do this? (We are looking at the 30th or doing it on halloween itself the 31st

- I need to organize a team of myself and 3 other people to go up and down the 2900 block and knock on peoples doors.

- Decorations to give out to houses. (We need low cost ideas, maybe we make our own cause we are all artsy and talented ladies and blokes?)

- List of porch events!! (we need that to come up with.....)

- The Flyer! (Which will depend greatly on the date and time we select.

So lets get our thinking hats on, our engines revved up and a meeting in order. Just shoot me an email or call me on my cell. that is (410) 713-6345. And my email is It will be a pleasure working with you all!!