Thursday, September 24, 2015

Help Your Newsletter!

What's going on?

The Newsletter has existed in various forms for decades, often subsidized by one or more neighborhood stakeholders or nonprofits. It is currently a volunteer-produced monthly print publication with a blog-style online edition ( The mission of the Newsletter is to build community by providing a reliable common source of local information and news.

This mission has become even more important as the neighborhood has begun to attract a wide variety of new residents as well as millions of dollars in for-profit redevelopment. Some call it re-urbanization, others gentrification, but one thing is for sure: residents here need reliable information and ways to communicate across demographic lines.

What We Need:

Our fundraiser is very simple: We want to buy a printer so that the Newsletter can become a self-sustaining operation, independent of financial entanglements that could create inappropriate bias or the appearance thereof. Being able to print the Newsletter ourselves, instead of taking it to a professional print shop, would cut the cost from $190 per issue to around $50. This would allow us to have fewer ads, which would make more room for community content, and allow our volunteers to focus on creating great local content instead of on selling ad space.
  • We propose to purchase a RICOH MP2553SP printer, which can print the runs of 1,500, 11 x 17, black and white, two sided prints that the Newsletter uses. It costs $2,500.
  • As a stretch goal, we propose to purchase a folding machine, so our volunteers don't have to fold and count the copies manually (we print 1,500 copies of each issue). It costs $2,000.
How to contribute:

Visit our Indiegogo site at If you're not comfortable using that platform, feel free to contact the editor to make other arrangements (

Other Ways You Can Help:

Some people just can't contribute, but that doesn't mean they can't help:
Tell your friends, relatives, bosses, and co-workers about this campaign.
Whether or not you can contribute to this fundraiser, the Remington Community Newsletter always needs residents to write articles, draw cartoons, express opinions, and deliver the issues.