Monday, July 20, 2015

Rash Of Robberies Rocks Remington

An individual suspected to have forced his way into Sweet 27 in late June.
A string of robberies and other opportunistic interpersonal crimes has occurred in Remington recently. During a Q&A with a Baltimore City Police community liaison officer at July's GRIA meeting, residents reported about these crimes and gave the BPD representative a dressing down about the poor response times victims have been experiencing.

In mid-June, a young black male kicked in the kitchen door at Sweet 27. He assaulted the female staffer, but she was able to repel the invader and secure the building. The still image above, taken from a security camera video of the incident, shows the person allegedly responsible for this crime. No arrests have been made, and police had (at the time of the meeting) made no other follow up with Sweet 27 since their initial response to the 911 call.

Armed robberies, two on the 14th of July and one on the 11th, were also reported by residents. The incidents on the 14th happened at 3100 Remington Ave. at 10:50pm and at 2am on Lorraine Ave. The robbery on the 11th happened on the 400 block of W. 29th Street at 1:50pm. Police believe all three of these gunpoint robberies are connected, possibly having been perpetrated by the same criminal, saying that the victims gave similar descriptions of the perpetrator's appearance and methods.

Close associates of the 2am, July 14th victim were on hand at the GRIA and reported that the police took over an hour to arrive at the Remington Ave. 7-11, where the victim called 911 and was waiting. The victim was not physically harmed, but was robbed of a cell phone, wallet, and other personal items. Other community members also voiced complaint that police response has been unreasonably slow and insufficient in recent weeks.

NOTE: The Newsletter currently has no substantive information linking the Sweet 27 forced entry and assault to the armed robberies, so the proximity of these reports should not be mistaken for implication that the pictured individual is implicated in the latter crimes. If new information comes to light, we'll share it here.