Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Proposal Released for 26th & Huntingdon

A letter went out recently from a company called Remington Properties to homes near the intersection of W. 26th Street and Huntingdon Avenue. The letter contained a proposed plan to renovate the vacant storefront/office-style buildings that cover the address range 2600-2604 Huntingdon Ave. In the plan, the building would be converted from offices into apartments, eight total. 

The letter's wording suggests that a zoning change will be  required to make this transition, and asks the recipients to express their support to the Mayor and City Council.

The text of the letter is copied below, and images of the letter and the drawings of the proposed plan are posted below as well.

"Dear Neighbors,
Remington Properties is a family owned business started in 2010 with the intention of repurposing old buildings in and around Baltimore City. Our business began in the Remington neighborhood and we want to continue to represent a force for positive change in the community by continuing to improve properties that have fallen into disrepair and attract new neighbors who are similarly interested in the burgeoning growth of the area.

We propose to convert 2600 to 2604 Huntingdon Ave into eight apartment homes that would include 4 one bedroom and 4 two bedroom apartments. We will improve the vacant lot on the South side of 26th Street, converting this eyesore into abeautifully landscaped parking area with 15 parking spaces. We will plant trees along Huntingdon in the front and improve landscaping both around the building and around the parking area as well as put up some new lighting around the property.

Baltimore City requires that we obtain approval from the Mayor and City Council to change the use of the building from offices into residential apartment homes. The Mayor and City Council would like to know if you support this positive change in your neighborhood. We respectfully ask for your signature below in support of this change.

Remington Properties

I support the conversion of 2600-2604 Huntingdon Ave from offices into 8 residential apartment homes.

Print Name:

A scan of the letter sent to nearby residents.

Improvements to the facade are part of the proposal, as shown in these drawings. 
This drawing shows the floor plan of the proposed apartment building.

W. 26th Street runs from bottom left to top right in this drawing. Huntingdon Avenue is the wider street intersecting it.