Monday, July 20, 2015

Police Almost Raid Mugging Victim's Sister's House

Baltimore City police almost raided the home of of a Remington mugging victim's sister this evening, a situation averted only because a neighbor called to advise the residents about what was happening.

On July 14th, an unknown individual mugged three people in Remington. The victim of the 2am mugging on Lorraine Avenue gave police her sister's cell phone number as a contact because the victim's phone was taken in the robbery. The police department apparently confused the two cell phone numbers and started monitoring the sister's phone, thinking it was the victim's phone. Believing they were hot on the trail of the mugger, they tracked the victim's sister back to her own house on W. 27th Street.

The sister and her partner received a call from a neighbor telling them that a SWAT-style team of officers was assembling outside their house. The residents were able to surrender and then defuse the situation. The police left hurriedly when they realized their mistake. "The sheer incompetence is outstanding," said the partner.

Baltimore police do not have a good reputation for respecting the property, pets, and bodily integrity of the people they apprehend or encounter in tense situations. This is an amusing anecdote because of the quick action of a caring neighbor, but it could have turned deadly and/or cost the family a significant amount of money in property damage and legal and medical bills.