Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Food Aid For Remington Residents

Gather Baltimore's blue bags are available for $6

By Pastor Alice

Summer time, when everything is growing and there should be lots of food around. But seasons of scarcity come for everyone. Food aid is available for Remington residents in several forms.

Every Wednesday of the year, pretty much:

FREE food at Guardian Angel’s food pantry*. Staple foods. Come to the green door (Kromer hall) at
335 W. 27th St. between 9 and 9:45am on Wednesday mornings. Bring photo ID. You must live in zone 21211.

Fresh vegetables:

Just $6 (cash only) will get you a prepacked IKEA bag full of various vegetables, provided by Gather Baltimore*. Bring your cash to Mill Valley General store at the corner of W. 28th and Sisson Street. Only on Friday, Saturday, and Sundays,
1 to 5pm or until supply runs out.

During the school year only:

FREE food at the ACCE school (old Robert Poole) on W. 36th Street, just west of Falls Road. Check again in September. Big variety, large quantity includes meat. Bring ID, prepare to stand in line. Get there by 10. Line starts earlier, food distribution begins at noon.

Community Meals:

The Franciscan Center* (101 W. 23rd St.) serves a hot, healthy evening meal at the Center every Wednesday from 5:30 to 7pm, and lunch Monday through Friday, 10am to 1pm. These community meals are free and open to the public.

Guardian Angel holds Thursday night community dinners*. Come to Kromer hall at 5pm to break bread with your neighbors, free and open to all. Beyond feeding the hungry, this meal aims to build community, so please feel welcome no matter how full your fridge may be.

A-a-a-and it is NOT too late to grow your own:

Contact GRIA board member Bill Cunningham about a raised garden bed at the lot at W. 27th and Sisson Street.

— Alice Bassett-Jellema is the rector at Guardian Angel

*Volunteers and/or donations welcome