Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Meet The New GRIA President, Ryan Flanigan

Spring is finally here in Remington. After a long winter, we are returning to our stoops and porches to enjoy the weather together, as we have for generations. With spring also comes our annual elections for GRIA's board of directors.

I am gratified and excited to say that our membership has elected me to be GRIA's president along with a capable and dedicated group of board members for the 2015–2016 term.

In the next year, we will address many issues and problems, but our work for a greener, safer, more vital Remington will not be lost in the shuffle. To that end, I will work to:

· Increase and support our existing green spaces.

· Decrease the crime that traps our youth.

· Foster partnerships with businesses and property owners to make them active community members.

· Grow our membe
rship to bring new and long-term residents together.

Our efforts attempt to preserve and promote the multi-class, intergenerational, and diverse neighborhood that we are lucky enough to call home. The next year will bring great change to our community, and it is only with everyone's effort that we can channel that change in a way that is equitable for all.

Come on down to 26th and Miles, my door will always be open to you. ◘