Thursday, May 21, 2015

GRIA Scores Adopt-A-Lot for Sisson Green Space

After huge amounts of effort, stress, discussion, cajoling, and consternation, GRIA officially adopted the empty lot on 27th street between Sisson and Atkinson this week. GRIA President Ryan Flanigan has the signed one-year Adopt-A-Lot agreement with the city in hand, and the community's activities there are now sanctioned and legal.

Also this week, GRIA was awarded a grant of roughly $13,000 to make improvements to the lot. The grant will fund the installation of water service for the raised garden beds, both planned and already in place, along with berms to sculpt the site, tools, and other improvements. 

The terms of the Adopt-A-Lot prohibit any permanent structures. The Neighborhood Design Center, a local non-profit that connects design professionals with communities in need of design help, has been working with Remington residents in recent months to come up with a plan for the site. At the May 20 GRIA meeting, two proposed plans were unveiled (see below).

Both version feature a large central open green space, raised garden beds, and a children's play area. Molly McCullagh, a GRIA board member who has been part of the project, stressed that these plans are still a work in progress, and that they are eager for more input from the community.

McCullagh and others will have these plans available for review and comment at the community picnic, which will be held on May 30, from 11am to 4pm, on the site. You can also share your thoughts by sending an e-mail to

The site also needs a name! Remington Village Green is taken by the longstanding garden on Fox street. So if you have a suggestion, bring it to the May 30 event and enter it into the Naming Contest.