Tuesday, May 26, 2015

25th Street Walmart Plans Scuttled

A rendering of the 25th Street Station plans, which are no more 
The Walmart development planned for 25th st. is dead, for now. Seawall Development, which controls the property, scrapped the “25th Street Station” plans for the site to quell a lawsuit filed by six area residents. Although the agreement abandons the enabling “PUD” legislation that the City Council passed in 2010, it does not prohibit another development plan based around big box stores such as Walmart. However, Seawall pledged to work with the community to develop new plans for the 11-acre site.

In the short term of at least three years, the properties on 25th will be occupied by MTA, which will store buses on the lower lot and have offices in the old Honda building, and Anderson Auto Body, which has moved from of its longtime home on the 2800 block of Remington Ave. to the former Anderson Showroom.

The latter move frees Seawall to begin redevelopment of the old auto body shop at 29th street and Remington Ave. When the renovation of the existing building is completed, it will contain a mixture of retail and office space in addition to parking.