Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Remington Row Renderings Released

Seawall Development has released depictions of what the building currently under construction on the 2700 block of Remington will look like. The general plan—retail on the street level, offices above that, and 108 apartments above that for a total of four to five stories—has been public for months. But these drawings give a more concrete sense of the what the developer, which also controls most of the 2800 and 2900 block of Remington, has planned.

The two views shown here are facing the building looking West, as if the viewer were standing in front of 7-11 (top), or on the Southwest corner of the intersection of Remington and w. 28th (bottom). Parking and auto entrances will be located on the opposite face of the building, addressing Fox street.

Earlier this month, Seawall announced that all of the office space has been claimed by Johns Hopkins Community Physicians, a large, full-service medical practice. The group currently resides on the Northern border of the neighborhood, in the Wyman Park building on w. 31st street.

“We are thrilled to be keeping Johns Hopkins Community Physicians here in the neighborhood right where we need them and in a place that is even more accessible to patients,” said city Councilwoman Mary Pat Clarke.

The plan calls for multiple levels of underground parking. Remington business Potts & Callahan and other contractors are currently digging a giant hole to accommodate that parking, the building's foundations, and some of the other mechanical support for the complex.

More coverage to come, including in the May print issue of this Newsletter.