Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Remington Remains Calm

**Ack! Technical problems ate the original story text!**

Residents gathered Tuesday at 9 am to call for calm and to sign a "get well card" for the city. Remingtonians, as well as a few people from nearby neighborhoods, visited, held signs and a Baltimore City flag, and sung a simple refrain about beauty, peace, and justice. Charmington's donated coffee and snacks, which were received warmly.

Pastor Alice Jellema of the Church of the Guardian Angel, where the event took place, said a few words, as did GRIA President Ryan Flanigan. Pastor Alice will be hosting similar gatherings in the same location at noon each day this week.

Remington was largely unaffected by the unrest on Monday night, though some folks reported seeing their neighbors returning home around 4 am that night bearing suspect merchandise. In addition to the gatherings at Guardian Angel, a caravan of upbeat protesters drove through on 29th street Tuesday evening.

Baltimore city schools and non-emergency offices were closed Tuesday, but the library system and most city Parks & Recreation facilities remained open. The Kinetic Sculpture Race and the Flower Mart, both scheduled for this weekend, have been postponed. A general curfew is in effect for everyone from 10 pm to 5 am. The mayor currently plans to keep the curfew in place till next Wednesday, though an internet petition is circulating calling on her to lift the curfew immediately.